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Bexar County, TX
GarbageMD Systems(210) 359-1390web site
GarbageMD Systems(210) 359-1390web site
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
WaterCollective Contracting, Inc.(210) 648-4000
WaterEast Central Water Supply Corp(210) 649-2383

Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteA Good Measure(210) 663-5333
WaterAtascosa Rural Water Supply Corporation(210) 622-3901
WaterAtascosa Rural Water Supply Maintenance Center(210) 622-0507

Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentConnexa Energy, L.L.C.(830) 249-1555
GarbageRandy Harris Construction(210) 861-3078
Internet Service ProvidersBm Creative Designs Inc(830) 537-3288
Internet Service Providersat&t(830) 249-1074web site
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
Phone LocalADT Authorized Dealer - Sales(877) 345-9038web site
Phone LocalAllied Telecom Llc(830) 755-6507web site
Phone LocalGVTC(830) 249-8181web site
Phone LocalK2c Telecom(830) 248-1114
Phone LocalS & G Technologies, LLC(210) 280-8104web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteIms Inc(830) 816-2310
WaterKendall County Utility Co Inc(830) 537-5755
WaterSludge Management & Reuse Technologies(830) 336-3055
WaterVision Equipment(830) 755-8819

Internet Service ProvidersCJG Home Networks(877) 805-3562
Internet Service ProvidersFortune Net Enterprises(210) 599-1180
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteAdvantage Cable Services(210) 658-9300
TV/Cable/SatelliteCJG Home Networks(877) 805-3562

Electricity/Gasel Paso Field Services(210) 621-2031web site
Internet Service ProvidersAmc Investments Llc(210) 286-7072web site
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDire Satelite Tv(210) 633-2397
WaterNico Tyme Water Co Op Inc(210) 621-2328

Electricity/GasE-Flow Electric Inc.(210) 465-9618
Electricity/GasMembership Marketing(210) 979-7500
Electricity/GasAmerigas(210) 695-3528web site
Electricity/GasGrey Forest Utilities(210) 695-8781web site
GarbageBell Consulting(210) 695-4402
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site

  San Antoniotop  
Electricity/GasCity Public Service(210) 353-2222web site
Electricity/GasCity Public Service Of San Antonio(210) 353-2000web site
Electricity/GasCity Public Services Of San Antonio(210) 353-6850
Electricity/GasCps Energy(210) 520-3704
Electricity/GasCPS Energy(210) 353-3296
Electricity/GasCreico(210) 688-9444
Electricity/GasEarth Power Energy Co., Llc(210) 896-5070
Electricity/GasMembership Marketing(210) 767-0800
Electricity/GasSan Antonio Electricity Deals(210) 767-2928
Electricity/GasSolo Inc(210) 798-0736
Electricity/GasSolo Inc(210) 559-2172
Electricity/GasSouthwest & West Pacific Limited, Inc.(210) 683-2908
Electricity/GasTexas Energy Transfer Power, Llc(210) 403-7300
Electricity/GasTexas Mexico Group Inc(210) 492-7118
Electricity/GasTexen Power Co. LLC(210) 949-0085web site
Electricity/GasBengal Gas Transmission Co Inc(210) 826-0681web site
Electricity/GasCity Public Service Of San Antonio(210) 353-2000web site
Electricity/GasConcord Natural Gas, Ltd(210) 288-8483
Electricity/GasDaubert Oil & Gas, Inc(210) 822-0686
Electricity/GasDoughtie Exploration(210) 253-3120web site
Electricity/GasFerrellgas(210) 661-6700web site
Electricity/GasFlatrock Energy Partners(210) 494-6777web site
Electricity/GasFlint Hills Resources, Lp(210) 666-6621web site
Electricity/GasKingslake Energy Incorporated(210) 841-5759
Electricity/GasLa Grange Acquisition, L.P.(210) 403-7300
Electricity/GasLeon Springs Gas Co.(210) 698-7178
Electricity/GasMichelson Energy Company(210) 826-0681web site
Electricity/GasMidway Pipeline Inc(210) 365-3777
Electricity/GasMission Gas Company(210) 633-0721web site
Electricity/GasNational Gases(210) 682-6300
Electricity/GasPivotal Utility Holdings, Inc.(770) 850-6200web site
Electricity/GasSegundo Navarro Drilling, Ltd.(210) 384-3200
Electricity/GasSendero Pipeline Inc(210) 377-0042
Electricity/GasTexas Energy Transfer Power, Llc(210) 403-7300
Electricity/GasU S Enercorp(210) 829-4888web site
Electricity/GasWindsor House Mdu(210) 455-9855
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSunrise Solar(210) 495-7933web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSola Lite(210) 764-7652web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentAdamus Solar(210) 685-1359web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentDaves Solar Screens(210) 650-0391
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentEnviro-Dyne, Inc.(866) 598-7281
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentGreen House Renewables(210) 497-5148
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentGreen House Solar Energy(210) 497-5148web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentGreen Powers(210) 215-2572web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentM-Tronics, Inc.(210) 340-4069
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentNovastar Energy LLC(210) 391-4009web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSmartWorld Energy(210) 314-3585web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSombrilla Contractors(210) 490-6800web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSun Energy Systems(210) 681-9375web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSunrise Solar(210) 495-7933web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSunscape Solar Solutions(210) 348-9253
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSuntech Distribution Inc(210) 525-1200
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentTexas Renew Energy(210) 858-7680
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentWord Sun Tech(210) 647-0006
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSunPower / One80 Solar(210) 802-7428web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentSunPower / Cam Solar(210) 227-3456web site
GarbageTDS Texas Disposal Systems Inc(210) 483-1900web site
GarbageACI Disposal(210) 495-9059web site
GarbageAmerica Clean(210) 669-7145
GarbageAccess Environmental(210) 404-1220web site
GarbageAllied Waste Inc(210) 661-4104web site
GarbageAnaconda Disposal LLC(210) 924-7730
GarbageAvilez Delivery Service Inc(210) 447-7275
GarbageAztec Waste(210) 490-9096
GarbageChad Removal Service Corp(210) 223-0644
GarbageCondor Industries(210) 684-5013
GarbageEstrada Delivery Svc(210) 455-7267
GarbageGrande Disposal(210) 403-9255
GarbageJc Disposal(210) 688-2142
GarbageLone Star Disposal(210) 673-9022
GarbageM V Delivery Svc(210) 344-0988
GarbageMavil Of America, Inc(210) 684-8285
GarbagePet Butler(210) 842-1387
GarbageRepublic Services(210) 648-3016
GarbageRepublic Services(210) 662-7518
GarbageRiver City Desposal, Inc(210) 599-3006web site
GarbageSite R10(210) 223-2618
GarbageTexas Best Pick Up & Relay(210) 838-0120
GarbageTexas Disposal Systems(210) 483-1900web site
GarbageTexas Waste Systems(210) 337-1111
GarbageTiger Sanitation, Inc(210) 333-4287web site
GarbageTowerlake Disposal(210) 635-8354
GarbageWaste Away Llc(210) 658-0487web site
GarbageWaste Management Inc(210) 648-6006
GarbageWaste Mgmt.(210) 368-5000
Internet Service Providers2m Enterprises(210) 696-6874
Internet Service Providers4tests Co Llc(210) 771-0601web site
Internet Service ProvidersA American High Speed Internet Service(210) 223-1248
Internet Service ProvidersAdvanced Personal Computers(210) 687-1834
Internet Service ProvidersAltair Technology Inc(210) 764-9900web site
Internet Service ProvidersAntic Attic(210) 735-8416
Internet Service ProvidersBmss Inc(210) 651-5232web site
Internet Service ProvidersCalonge and Associates LLC(210) 497-2320
Internet Service ProvidersCartama Consulting(210) 698-5097web site
Internet Service ProvidersCatalyst Technology, Llc(210) 224-1500web site
Internet Service ProvidersCharitysoup(210) 462-9519
Internet Service ProvidersCheapertosaveonline.Com(210) 558-1547
Internet Service ProvidersCreative Internet Solutions Inc(210) 641-5339
Internet Service ProvidersDcci Inc.(210) 599-1934
Internet Service ProvidersForemost Technologies(830) 872-4554
Internet Service ProvidersGlobal On Line Internet Servic(210) 404-9482
Internet Service ProvidersGrande Communications(210) 320-4600web site
Internet Service ProvidersHorizons Multimedia Inc(210) 481-2176web site
Internet Service ProvidersHughesNet High Speed Internet Authorized Dealer(210) 764-5041web site
Internet Service ProvidersInter Tel Technologies Inc(210) 655-8200
Internet Service ProvidersInternet Biz Service Inc(210) 340-2229web site
Internet Service ProvidersInternet Direct(210) 308-9800web site
Internet Service ProvidersLogis -Tech Inc.(210) 223-6013
Internet Service ProvidersLogix Communications(210) 354-1576
Internet Service ProvidersMoney Center(210) 651-1220
Internet Service ProvidersMsa Co, Llc(210) 250-3811
Internet Service ProvidersMylabelnetcom(210) 340-7767
Internet Service ProvidersMytoons Inc(210) 227-8666web site
Internet Service ProvidersNdc Skills(210) 509-0751web site
Internet Service ProvidersNeopolitan Networks, Inc.(210) 226-9300
Internet Service ProvidersNik Nak Shack(210) 656-3476
Internet Service ProvidersPariseau Enterprises(210) 481-5114
Internet Service ProvidersPoint line web design(210) 887-8269web site
Internet Service ProvidersPricehandlercom Llc(210) 481-1031
Internet Service ProvidersReal/Time Communications(210) 344-2755web site
Internet Service ProvidersRealtime Transit Media(210) 494-2599
Internet Service ProvidersSan Antonio Internet + Home Phone Experts(210) 319-4128
Internet Service ProvidersSan Antonio Light(210) 250-2925web site
Internet Service ProvidersSatellite Country(210) 932-2890web site
Internet Service ProvidersSeglernet Llc(210) 496-3589web site
Internet Service ProvidersServices On Line America, L.L.C.(210) 595-7134
Internet Service ProvidersSugarbean Designs(210) 408-2393
Internet Service ProvidersTeanet(210) 805-8638
Internet Service ProvidersT&K Internet Enterprises(210) 673-5388
Internet Service ProvidersWeb Life Productions, Inc.(210) 497-1727web site
Internet Service ProvidersWorld Net(210) 226-6666web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8564web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8564web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8562web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8562web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8557web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8557web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 822-1957web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 558-4944web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 481-2412web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 927-4174web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8552web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8559web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8559web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8560web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8560web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8556web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 256-4195web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 543-8400web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8555web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 384-8513web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8558web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 807-8558web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 764-2062web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 655-7700web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 822-1957web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 927-4174web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 533-2999web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 384-8513web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(210) 543-8400web site
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
Phone LocalTex Link Communications(210) 892-4100web site
Phone LocalAT&T Mobility(210) 384-1800web site
Phone LocalAT&T Mobility(210) 655-7700web site
Phone LocalAT&T Mobility(210) 384-1830web site
Phone LocalAT&T Mobility(210) 384-8513web site
Phone LocalAT&T Mobility(210) 832-8700web site
Phone LocalA C Telephone Service & Repair(210) 223-4222
Phone LocalA La Casa Communications(210) 673-3400web site
Phone LocalAdrenilan Solutions(830) 438-5309
Phone LocalAdtel Solutions(210) 349-3711web site
Phone LocalAlamotelecom(210) 748-3025
Phone LocalAlternative Telecom & Energy(210) 979-2819
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 341-7522
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 675-3429web site
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 698-8767web site
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 226-7119web site
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 615-0235web site
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 684-9293web site
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 402-0926web site
Phone LocalAT&T(210) 841-0536web site
Phone LocalAT&T Bracketville Tx(830) 563-9903web site
Phone LocalAT&T Corp.(210) 821-4105web site
Phone LocalAT&T Messaging Llc(210) 523-4300
Phone LocalAT&T Texas(830) 286-8313web site
Phone LocalAT&T Yellow Pages(800) 446-6077web site
Phone LocalBestel USA Inc(210) 229-9268
Phone LocalBirch Telecom(210) 826-2677
Phone LocalBlue Enterprises(512) 845-7275
Phone LocalBroadband Telecom Services(210) 946-1579web site
Phone LocalBrumfield Communication Services Inc.(210) 499-0427web site
Phone LocalBusiness Direct Communications(210) 637-5848
Phone LocalCellulite Reduction Studio(210) 377-2000
Phone LocalClearpath Telecom Inc(210) 499-4532
Phone LocalCommercial Electronics Corp.(210) 736-3119web site
Phone LocalCommunication Systems International, Ltd.(210) 349-8320web site
Phone LocalCrosscom National(210) 490-9601
Phone LocalD C S Telecom Inc(210) 495-3163
Phone LocalDigitial Stripe Inc(210) 410-7834
Phone LocalDirect Communications Dlr(210) 533-2100
Phone LocalTex Link Communications(210) 892-4100web site
Phone LocalAdvanced Tech Mex Corporation(210) 348-7772
Phone LocalCapacitex, Inc(210) 402-0033
Phone LocalConnect America Communications Inc(210) 492-8200
Phone LocalIld Telecommunications Inc(210) 592-0600web site
Phone LocalKgb(210) 256-4200
Phone LocalLogix(210) 212-6948
Phone LocalLogix Communications(210) 354-1576
Phone LocalMci Communications Corporation(210) 554-3223
Phone LocalPolaris Communications(210) 404-1616
Phone LocalThe Caprock(210) 222-1885
Phone LocalUsld(210) 340-8786
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirect Sat TV - An Authorized DIRECTV Dealer(866) 310-4761web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteA Direct Dish Satellite Tv(210) 223-6147web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteAcg Distributors, Llc(210) 227-2778
TV/Cable/SatelliteBack Up Automated Resources In(210) 892-2345
TV/Cable/SatelliteBob Satellite Services(210) 820-0370
TV/Cable/SatelliteBrumfield Communication Services Inc.(210) 499-0427web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteC O I Telecom Inc(210) 829-8900
TV/Cable/SatelliteCable & Computer Communication(210) 491-4441
TV/Cable/SatelliteCable Connections(210) 336-9689
TV/Cable/SatelliteCellulite Reduction Studio(210) 377-2000
TV/Cable/SatelliteCjg Home Networks(210) 310-0595
TV/Cable/SatelliteClearly Cable Inc(210) 930-4008
TV/Cable/SatelliteComtel Communications Ltd(210) 521-9200
TV/Cable/SatelliteConsolidated Cable Solutions(210) 348-8250
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirect Communications(210) 337-6712
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirect Sat TV - Authorized DIRECTV Satellite TV Dealer Santonio, TX(210) 222-2905web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirect Signal(210) 804-4388
TV/Cable/SatelliteDish Network(210) 223-3474web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDish Network(210) 590-8832
TV/Cable/SatelliteDISH NETWORK SAN ANTONIO(210) 440-4324web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDish TV(210) 340-6688
TV/Cable/SatelliteDishNetwork Authorized Dealer-Cable TV(210) 764-5058web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteEcho Star Communications(210) 651-9993web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteEconodish Inc(210) 815-7253
TV/Cable/SatelliteEmpire Integrated Services(210) 805-0024web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteEudoro Roa Cable Services Llc(210) 822-1302
TV/Cable/SatelliteGrande Communications(210) 320-4600web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteHospital Television Network, Inc(210) 616-0965web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteIld Telecommunications Inc(210) 592-0600web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteInformation Management Solutions Llc(210) 826-4994
TV/Cable/SatelliteIpi Grammtech(210) 694-4313web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteLegacy Telecommunications Corp(210) 492-4082web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteMan Cable(210) 673-7676
TV/Cable/SatelliteMcj Cable & Wiring(210) 337-4595
TV/Cable/SatelliteNew Viking Enterprises(210) 490-9364
TV/Cable/SatelliteNortel Networks(210) 357-5500
TV/Cable/SatelliteOfs Fiber & Cable(210) 477-7270
TV/Cable/SatelliteOrion Satellite Inc(210) 520-3474web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteReady Cable Inc(210) 590-7211
TV/Cable/SatelliteSandstone Communication(210) 521-1393
TV/Cable/SatelliteSatellite Country(210) 932-2890web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteSo-Deep Inc(210) 829-7388web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteSouthern Star/Dish Network(210) 521-7907web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteSuhr Technologies(210) 645-7447
TV/Cable/SatelliteTexas Cable Construction(210) 623-7955
TV/Cable/SatelliteTime Warner(210) 377-4242web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteTime Warner Cable(210) 520-8168web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteTime Warner Cable - HD Digital Cable(210) 244-0500
TV/Cable/SatelliteTwi Cable Inc.(210) 244-0500web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteUdp Inc(210) 828-6171web site
WaterA & L Underground, Inc.(210) 684-3695web site
WaterAmerican Communications & Utility LLC(210) 735-5201web site
WaterAvelardo, Salazar(210) 567-2944
WaterBexar County Water Control & Improvement Dist 10(210) 655-2888
WaterBexar Metropolitan Water District Public Facility Corporation(210) 354-6522
WaterDavila Underground Emergency Services, Inc(210) 648-0349
WaterDu-Mor Enterprises(210) 684-7211
WaterFerguson Enterprises, Inc.(210) 662-4902web site
WaterH B Zachry Company(210) 494-3531web site
WaterHard Rock Utility Contractors(210) 403-2086
WaterHelotes Water Co(210) 651-6399
WaterInterpool Inc(210) 521-4197
WaterJohn C Wright(210) 679-7823
WaterQuanta Services, Inc.(210) 223-8826web site
WaterRamos & Associates, Inc.(210) 628-4277web site
WaterSan Antonio Water System(210) 704-7297web site
WaterTide Water Suply(210) 654-4575
WaterUnderground Fire Line(210) 698-9439web site
WaterUnited Commercial Contracting Llc(210) 787-0544
WaterUnited Water Services Inc(210) 623-8015web site
WaterWatermark Safety Partners Ltd(210) 829-2100
WaterWilliam D Massey & Sons Inc(210) 655-9538
WaterZachry(210) 490-2075

  Shavano Parktop  
Internet Service ProvidersShavano Park Satellite Internet(210) 807-6751
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDish Shavano Park Satellite TV(210) 807-6753
TV/Cable/SatelliteGlobal Telecommunications(210) 354-1111
TV/Cable/SatelliteShavano Park Direct Satellite TV(210) 787-3593

  Universal Citytop  
Internet Service ProvidersAva Baby Creations Llc(210) 659-3445
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
Phone LocalQuality Telecom(210) 748-2460
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirect Sat TV - An Authorized DIRECTV Dealer(866) 310-4761web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDish1 Network Sales(830) 214-7412
TV/Cable/SatelliteThe San Antonio Telephone Company(210) 657-5757web site

  Von Ormytop  
Internet Service ProvidersExede(855) 627-2553web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirecTV Sales(830) 399-4337
TV/Cable/SatelliteHelen Balderrama(210) 279-5617
WaterUnited Water Services Inc(281) 487-9576web site

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